"For anyone who is considering using a designer, Lynn is a fantastic choice. I have worked with Lynn on four separate projects (living and family room, master suite, three children’s bedrooms and a mud/laundry room). She is not “high-pressure” and I never feel pushed into a decision. When we first began working together, I would send Lynn links to my Houzz portfolio so she could determine my design aesthetic. Going forward, she intuitively understood what I liked and was spot-on when selecting furnishing styles and the general look of my rooms. She is a “soup to nuts” designer. Lynn provided me with schematic drawings which helped me visualize the rooms at the beginning of the project, designed built-ins and other nooks and crannies and also selected paint colors, flooring, furniture and accessories. She is not only incredibly talented, she is also a pleasure to work with. Lynn’s ability to adapt to new ideas or unexpected construction changes makes her an invaluable partner on every project. My only hesitation in writing this review is a selfish fear that she will become too busy to help me with my future projects!"

      Karen, Randolph, NJ 


"Working with Lynn was a breath of fresh air during a very tough time.  Renovating is never easy, dealing with my contractors was almost impossible at times.  But I learned that part is half as difficult as the decision making process that goes with a full-blown renovation. I remember my first meeting with Lynn...I had been tearing out designer kitchens from magazines whenever I saw something I liked. I had hundreds of pages. I handed them to Lynn assuming she'd be overwhelmed by my information gathering. She thumbed through them and within 15 minutes said, "you are vintage white." I was floored, and she was right. Lynn has impeccable taste in everything from fixtures to colors to furniture.  She helped me make my way through the myriad of options that are out there.  I didn't want to make foolish choices so I did my homework , but I still would come up with too many options.  Lynn was able to see the best choice instantly!  When I was unable to find a suitable option for my new bathroom, I described to Lynn the vanity I had visualized and she designed the most beautiful piece of furniture and had a top-notch craftsman build it.  It is now the centerpiece of the room!"

     Maya Cruz, Rutherford, NJ


"After having worked with a number of interior designers over the years, moving a number of times to and from several homes in various parts of the country, I can honestly say that Lynn is without a doubt "one of the best" in the business. My only regret is that I did not "discover her sooner." In working with Lynn, I have found her to be extremely proficient, knowledgeable, professional, and personable, while all the time taking into consideration client preferences, time-constraints and budget price points. She is a very authentic individual who will work tirelessly to complete her client's job, performing extremely well and pleasantly under pressure.  From my own experience, we were able to select and order window treatments for my home despite my own time constraints of an impending month long trip out of the country.  With Lynn's recommendations and determination to do the best possible job, I was literally deciding upon window designs, fabrics, hardware, etc. the day before I left, without feeling the pressure that often accompanies last-minute decisions which could result in costly mistakes.  The results were even better than I expected, and since I tend to be somewhat selective and a stickler for detail, this was a pleasant surprise.  Whatever minor adjustments that needed to be made were accomplished quickly and without difficulty by both Lynn and the vendor.  It was certainly obvious to me that Lynn shares a solid and mutually respectful relationship with her vendors. The end result of my association with Lynn is something myself and my husband will be happy to enjoy for many years to come.  I do sincerely hope that you too have an opportunity to "discover her sooner" for yourself."

        Janet, Denville, NJ


"Choosing a kitchen designer is often a long and arduous process.  When my husband and I decided to renovate our kitchen, we had the usual problem of finding someone that was an expert in the field of kitchen design.  Luckily, a friend recommended Lynn Ronan.  She used her talent and expertise to design our new kitchen using not only the essentials of a well-designed kitchen, but also incorporated our ideas and taste in the process.  Lynn was always willing to meet with us and give us her professional opinion on the products that we wanted to use.  From the appliances to the granite countertops, she helped us make well informed choices.  Lynn's expertise, creativity, fantastic sense of color, attention to detail and her well organized sense of planning make Lynn Ronan a truly talented designer.  Thanks Lynn! We just love our new kitchen!"

      Annette & Rich Faillace, Allendale, NJ



"I cannot recommend Lynn Ronan highly enough. She is meticulous about the details, extremely professional and just a lovely person with whom to work. She never pressures you into a decision, but her guidance is always there and I felt extremely comfortable having her by my side."

        Judy Zander, Denville, NJ



"Just because I can do something doesn't mean I should.  This has never proven to be more true than during our recent home renovation project.  We could have decided where the windows should go, whether the trim should be painted or stained, what kind of fixtures we should buy, what colors or textures should be on the walls, what kind of moldings we should use.  The number of choices and questions were endless and overwhelming.  We agonized over selections and decisions, that is until Lynn Ronan joined our project team! My husband and I didn't know we even had a style.  Lynn asked the right questions to help us discover our personal style.  Her suggestions were often things we would never have considered on our own.  When we weren't sure, we trusted Lynn's opinions and never regretted one "leap of faith."  The compliments from friends and family are wonderful, but nothing is as satisfying as when we, even a year later, walk into a room and are still struck by the beauty of our home.  Lynn worked seamlessly with the architect and builders.  She helped ensure that vents and switches were appropriately placed, for functionality as well as style.  She is as adept at starting from an architect's drawing as creating from a blank sheet of paper.  For example, Lynn transformed our requirement for an organized space when we come in from the garage into a custom built-in unit that is functional and beautiful.  She drafted the plan and worked with the builder to create this unique piece.Lynn was so gracious every time we had another "decision emergency," adjusting her schedule to meet us either early morning or late afternoon.  Her insights were so softly delivered but with amazing impact on the end result.  She understood how to achieve the "wow," while creating amazing spaces which met every one of our objectives, and working within our budget.  There's no question we would not have the home we now enjoy without Lynn's invaluable assistance."

     Carolyn Greer, Wayne, NJ


"Working with Lynn is like working with a friend who has very good taste and who teaches you how to have the same...without ever making you feel like you didn't know something in the first place.  I was concerned that my needs were too small and limited to hire an interior designer, but Lynn gave me as much attention as I needed for each little project.  Whether picking paint colors or helping me choose how and where to hang my artwork, I feel that Lynn helped me to create a home that reflects the positive aspects of my tastes while keeping my "eccentric decorating tendencies," in check.  Lynn provides strong, expert insight and advice, with a gentle, non-threatening work style."

       Sherrie Hulbert, Midland Park, NJ


"When I started my kitchen renovation project earlier this year I was struggling with the vision I needed to take my 80's style kitchen and transition it to a more contemporary look. Without having to knock down walls and break the bank, Lynn came in and gave me some architectural ideas to dress up the room using various moldings, picture frame panels and finishes that completely transformed the room and modernized it to my liking. In addition to her architectural flair, she has the ability to coordinate textures and colors to really help pull rooms together. What I really like about Lynn is her natural ability to ask the right questions so she quickly understands her clients style and taste. I was impressed with her ability to get things right the first time by knowing what I like and helping me to pick fabrics, furniture pieces, paint colors, hardware etc. Lynn is such a pleasure to work with and is one of the most professional and nicest designers I have ever worked with. I am currently working with her again on my Dining Room renovation because I am confident she can deliver."

                                                                                                               Lori, Randolph


"When I moved into my current home 12 years ago, I felt that I needed some design help. While our first home was a starter house and I didn't give much thought to my decorating choices, this second home was our forever home or least our home until our three sons were grown. I felt overwhelmed by all the decisions and wanted to do it "right". I had never hired an interior designer and quite frankly felt a bit intimidated. Without having any recommendations from friends or colleagues, I turned to the ASID site and started my search. I made some calls and after speaking with a few designers, I knew instantly that Lynn was the right choice. She was very down to earth and easy to talk to. It has always been a pleasure working with her. One of the things that I like best about Lynn is her flexibility. I was able to hire her by the hour and since then whenever I have felt stuck or needed to run my choices by her, she has always come to my rescue. Some people want a lot of help; others just need direction. Lynn understands both kinds of clients deserve the same amount of attention. Over the years she has helped me select furniture, window treatments, paint colors, layout a home office/homework room and most recently our kitchen. She always seems to know what direction I want to go in. She really listens while making recommendations you would not have considered that truly help transform your space. And did I mention what a pleasure she is to work with?!"

       Maria, Closter, NJ